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Education! Education!! Education!!!

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Education is a social mobiliser. Education is an economic energizer.

Education is the main instrument of upward mobility. 

Education is the
surest route to national security, integration and increased productivity.

Education is a cure-all medication. 

It is the panacea to every problem. Education is the main energy of developed and developing countries. Without education, a nation goes nowhere, it simply remains stagnant. 

Education is the first born, education is the Prince, education is the lifeblood of any society. Education is the beautifier, it is the remedy of all ills. It is the crown and the icing of the cake.

Education is the engine of health. 

Education is the way to prosperity. 

Education is the facilitator of national development, integrity and socio economic advancement. 

Education is the lifeblood of democracy.

Without proper public education, a nation loses its stake in the future. Without investments in education, a country loses its youth to crime, poverty and deviance.
Without an educated elite, a nation backslides into anarchy, depravity and corruption. Without education, everything stagnates and about faces. 

Our national lack of interest in education is the very reason why our nation is now a land of negatives.

Without interest in education, values plummet. Without attention to education a country will produce no skills and without people of skill, a country becomes a dumping ground of yesterday’s technology.

Without the educated, social services suffer. Without a surplus of social scientists, a nation cannot be proactive, such a nation is ever caught unawares by changes in the world order.

How many think tanks exist in Nigeria, and indeed Africa? How many real intellectuals are there in the public domain in our society? The lack lustre performance of our top professors in their recent Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) outings say a lot about the fall of our standards of education. If the teachers, if the professors performed so woefully, then it leaves a lot to be imagined.

Education is not just literacy. It is not committing data to memory. Education includes ethics, values and virtues. It includes competencies in thinking, in innovation and in design and promotion of workable systems and processes.

Education provides the individual a paradigm shift, which elevates his worldview. The education, which does not convey a higher perspective, is not worthy of its name. The educated man is preferred to the uneducated man because the educated one is like fufu and okro while the uneducated is like fufu alone. Fufu alone is incomplete.

This country was a far better country when it was run by teachers and journalists than when it was run by soldiers. 

Reason being that the teachers were adept in the art of developing people while the soldiers were trained in the art of capture, control and looting.

The teacher/leaders of the First Republic had a better grasp of socio-economic advancement. They knew that education was the foundation on which a vibrant and progressive society could be built.
And they went on trying to do so.

Alas, the successive regimes after them have devalued public education. We have moved from the era of skills to the era of paper qualification without skills. 

We are now in the sorry state of backwardism  propelled by schools that are worse than refuse dumpsites run by teachers who themselves are in need of education and training.
What we need to do today is to completely overhaul our education systems, reevaluate our grading systems, redesign our courses, retrain the teachers and allocate higher wages to education so that the sector can attract the best and the smartest amongst us.

We cannot continue to churn out pupils who are taught by teachers who have no interest either in education or in the pupils. We cannot continue to allow education policies that are designed to award certificates rather than award skills.

Thankfully, my columnist colleague Mallam Adamu Adamu, the Hon Minister for Education has already sounded alarm in the sector. But it shouldn’t stop at alarms. The emergency is real and unless severe and drastic measures are embarked upon, our nation will remain a pauper nation incapable of making any mark in the world.
Many people seem to forget that the economy of today is defined as IT Age. IT is purely run by intellectual capital. 

That is why Asian countries are the best performers because Asian countries invest the most in education. Indeed, those societies consider education to have the highest value of all the virtues.

As a nation, we ought to reconfigure our value system and put education on top. But first government must move seriously towards the recommended minimum of 25 per cent budgetary allocation for education alone.

When education is given its pride of place in our national scheme of values, then and only then will we begin to take our rightful place in the comity of civilised nations. Until that is done, we continue to be number one among the group of unserious and under developing nations.
Let’s start taking public education seriously now, and maybe in 25 years we will be like China.
Source: Leadership

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