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‘Schools, parents should instill into children cultural values’

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Parents and schools have been enjoined to make every effort in instilling into children acceptable cultural values.
The call was made by Marcel Ugwu Ezea, a lecturer at the FCT College of Education, Zuba, at the cultural day celebration organised by Cherryfield College, Jikwoyi, Abuja, Saturday.
He said school children should learn cultural values from parents and educators and be encouraged to pass on what they acquired to the younger generation.
He said different cultures have different values in Nigeria and that everyone was entitled to their values and beliefs.
Ezea said values helped children to grow and develop and that values considered worthwhile such as respect for elders, greetings, obedience to rule of law, honesty, trading, hospitality, farming, rearing and domestication of animals, local dishes and hard work should be passed from generation to generation.
The lecturer said the advent of social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook in addition to television have done ‘havoc on Nigerian culture’ because “wrong attitude, views, attributes and thoughts are copied and filtered into our dear nation daily, damaging the pride of Nigeria.”
He however said no nation could exist independently, without copying the good values of others, and that the study of cultural values should be considered as general studies for all students in higher institutions
Source: Daily Trust

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