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Academics, sport unveil hidden talents – Educationist

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The Managing Director of Greater Scholars International Schools in Aja, Lagos, Mrs Comfort Ukpong, has said that combining academics and sport could help to reveal hidden athletic talents in pupils and foster leadership qualities.
Ukpong stated this at the ninth annual inter-house sport competition of the school, last Thursday, as she disclosed that having children engage in sport would develop leadership skills in them and personal traits, such as discipline, communication and resilience.
“Sport is very important in education because there are a number of skills that the children will pick up in the course of preparing for sporting activities. They begin to understand that to win a competition they have to develop resilience if they lose.”
The Chairman on the occasion, Mr Godwin Enakhena of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Football Club, described sport as a key part of learning. However, he urged the pupils to take advantage of every opportunity to focus on their academics and practice sport for recreation.
Enakhena said, “Sport is for recreation, children should be given the opportunity to display the hidden talents in them. Sport is very important in the growth of a child and the place of education can also not be left out. My advice is that you find a way of putting education first and as you progress, use sport as recreation. When you are done with education, you can then go into sport as a profession.  Once you have the talent to be an athlete, you will be found out. Avoid trading education for sport.”
The competition  saw Nelson Mandela House emerge winner with 14 gold, 11 silver and four bronze medals.
Source: Punch

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