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Livestock breeding: We need more veterinary doctors –NVMA

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NIGERIAN Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA) has appealed to the Federal Government to employ more veterinary doctors to meet the growing demands of livestock.
This is even as it expressed displeasure over the inability of farmers to export livestock de- spite its huge population.
NVMA’s President, Prof. Bello Agaie, while briefing newsmen recently in Abuja on the out- come of its summit, noted that without professionals, the country would continue to suffer livestock deficit with its attendant loss of export potential.
He said, “the summit observes the dearth of veterinary professionals in public service and urges federal, states and local government to do the needful.
“We need to move away from the traditional practice of managing livestock. We may not achieve immediately but government needs to intensify its efforts to see how they can give the private sector the opportunity to set up livestock farms, and improve the genetic makeup of our animals so that we get what we are getting now with few animals.
“Because of this reason, we cannot export meat outside the country. Smaller countries like Botswana that does not have the amount of live- stock we have is exporting meat to Europe,” he added.
Agaie noted that quacks have taken over the profession to wreak havoc, appealing to government to inaugurate the governing board of Veterinary Council of Nigeria to curb the trend.
“The issue of encroachment is of great concern to us. It is a veterinary doctor that is trained to keep animals. We do not have veterinary nurses and pharmacists in Nigeria except abroad. People should allow us to do our job because it is a peculiar profession,” he said.
Source: The Sun

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